Woodoku Review: Become the King of Space

Improve your sense of space.

By Isabel Connolly


Published by Tripledot Studios Limited, Woodoku is a top-ranking and highly rated puzzle game that is definitely suitable for all ages, especially children. When you pass the first level, it may remind you of Tetris and sodoku. Because Woodoku combines the advantages of the two games. If you also like puzzle games, this time we recommend Woodoku.

Woodoku APK


Woodoku is a logic puzzle game with woody blocks and grids. Place blocks in a line or a block to make them disappear.




    Simple Gameplay

    As a puzzle game, Woodoku does not have difficult rules. When you enter the game, it has a detailed tutorial to introduce the rule, and you can review it by clicking the Settings icon. In this game, completing rows, columns, and 3*3 squares by dragging shapes onto the board is the basic way to get more scores and clear space for more shapes. Alongside that, if you are accidentally clear in consecutive moves, you will get a streak; clear more than once with a single move, and get a combo.

    Besides, there is an advantage in Woodoku we have to point out. Unlike traditional Tetris games, Woodoku does not have a strict limitation on time, which means you can think of a step for a long time. Take it easy.

    Introduction to Clear User Interfaces and Ads

    One of its advantages is clear user interfaces, Home, Classic, Daily, and Journey, without any ads on them. In the Home and Classic parts, you can do daily challenges. Daily is a calendar where rewards you got will be recorded here. As for Journey, it has no fixed time, but it will remind you before a new activity starts. See more details about Journey in the following text.

    About ads, actually, they will not appear suddenly when you immerse yourself in the game. However, when you pass or fail the game, you have to watch ads for seconds.

    Sometimes, players can not close the ads because there is not an icon to click, which means you need to exit the game from your background system. It seems not so considerate.


    From now on, there is a new activity on Woodoku, lasting only three days. Within these 12 levels, each level has different requirements. From my perspective, the difficulty in this journey may be higher than that in the daily challenge part. Players not only need to consider getting gems as soon as possible but also avoid failing the game.

    Some Tricks

    After playing some puzzle games like Woodoku, some tricks have been concluded for all players. Hope you pass levels quickly.

    As we know, there are so many different shapes of bricks prepared for you on the bottom, so you have to fill up each corner without any irregular space. Besides, one shape or two linked shapes are very rare.

    The most important thing is to try your best to complete rows, columns, and 3*3 squares as soon as possible. Do not wait! Leaving much more space is critical.

    ​Finally, you can see three shapes at the same time. So, the sequence of dragging is also a key factor. Especially at the end of the game, you need to consider the layout of the board.


    All in all, as a puzzle game, Woodoku is definitely worth downloading for all ages. Whether endless levels or various styles of gameplay, players will absolutely like it! Unlike other mini-games, you do not have to watch ads all the time.


    - Clear user interfaces

    - Without time limitation

    - More difficult in later levels


    - Force players to watch ads

    Woodoku APK


    Woodoku is a logic puzzle game with woody blocks and grids. Place blocks in a line or a block to make them disappear.



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