Ticket to Paradise Review

Ticket to Paradise comes to theaters in the US TODAY!

By Dorothy Morgan



    Director IO Parker reunites Julia Roberts and George Clooney together in his new film, Ticket to Paradise. This is not the first time of their collaboration, but play as a divorced couple in a rom-com since 2001's "Ocean's Eleven".

    Story Overview

    Receiving their daughter Lily's words of marrying a man she just met, David and Julia set off on a journey to Bali to stop the upcoming wedding. They believe this hasty marriage will not lead her to happiness but to sadness and misery. They would not let their daughter Lily (Kaitlyn Dever) make the same horrible mistakes they made when they are young.

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    Good Double Act of Julia Roberts & George Clooney

    It's not hard to guess what happened next. Things never go as planned. Their daughter Lily persuades her parents that she is doing the right thing and she's finally meeting her true love in Bali. David and Georgia's Bali Trip finally witness a family reunion and let them know what love is.

    Roberts and Clooney, two Academy Award winners, show great performances in Ticket to Paradise and did not let their fans down. Although Lily and her fiancee Gede, two actors without too much experience are not acting very well, Roberts and Clooney's superb and emotional acting keep this movie in the line of top romantic comedies of 2022.

    Predictability can be an appeal but with the premise of a deep storyline

    There're not too many surprises in this movie. Everything continues following the way a Romantic Comedy goes. Roberts and Clooney show their excellent acting skills and emotional control in this regular comedy. Frankly speaking, Ticket to Paradise would be a bad movie without the leading pair, Roberts and Clooney. The biggest problem probably is that the movie is predictable, which can be easily known from its name and the flat-plots trailer. Predictability can be a good thing sometimes. I've seen a lot of movies following the routine of rom-com earn great applause and acclaim. However, their success is not just falling from the sky or barely relying on the great acting of actors but the peculiar design of the ups and downs of plots and fascinating cinematography.

    ⌛ It comes to theaters in the UK on October 20, and it is released in the US on October 21.

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