Tall Man Run Review: Beat The Ultimate Boss

Smooth controls help you win each level.

By July Baker


As a mobile publisher and studio, Supersonic Studios LTD is a partner-first and interesting platform and is now located in Tel Aviv. There are many classic and top-ranking mini-games on Supersonic Studios, such as Tall Man Run. We will share our first impression of Tall Man Run as a noob.

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Tall Man Run APK

Tall Man Run

Start an endless and challenging running in Tall Man Run!





    Click the trolley icon on your right hand to check all the decorations for the Head and Body.

    The gems you get in every game can be used to buy these decorations, like hats, crowns, and more. There is a point we have to claim is that you need to watch ads if you want to get some advanced accessories on the bottom of the list(shown in the pic).


    The main goal is to try your best to elude all minus numbers and bombs, and get more gems. The following are some necessary points you may need to know.

    In the beginning, it has some math traps in the next levels. For example, you now get 80 scores when facing two signs, one is "÷1" and the other is "-50". Thus, there is almost no time to make the right decision for most people.

    Then, it is easy to pass each level because the game only counts the score you got. The more, the better. At the end of each game, players can choose to watch ads to get double gems. Anyway, it's up to you.

    In the following levels, many more obstacles will appear, such as bombs. Be careful. If you happen to beat the ultimate boos, look at the pics.


    In the beginning, there are not too many ads. But if you continue to play up to the thirtieth level, a ton of ads will be waiting for you.


    From my perspective, Tall Man Run is a pure game for you to relax and release pressure. Without any forceable ads, players can immerse themselves in this idle single-player game. Plus, you can click here to explore other similar casual games under Supersonic Studios LTD.


    - Although it belongs to mini-games, it has no ads

    - A ton of levels vary in content

    - Offline Game​


    - Not so thrilling

    - Too many ads after thirtieth levels

    Tall Man Run APK

    Tall Man Run

    Start an endless and challenging running in Tall Man Run!



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