Subway Surfers Review - Endless Running with Stunning Graphics & Sound Effects

Come download this game and make yourself the Subway Surfer pro!

By Lori Melton


Subway Surfers Review - Endless Running with Stunning Graphics & Sound Effects video

    Subway Surfers APK

    Subway Surfers

    Help Jake, Tricky & Fresh escape from the grumpy Inspector and his dog!

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    Subway Surfers Narrative

    In San Francisco, a bunch of young graffiti artists (including Jake, his partners Tricky, Fresh and others) gathered at a metro railway site to tag their graffiti. However, their act of “tagging” is noticed by a policeman. Now he and his dog is running after them. It's time to help Jake and his friends to escape from the chasing police and his pet. There’s no doubt that it is an addictive mobile game, so what’s the difference between this classic parkour game with other similar arcade games, and what makes this game hook you in and let you play for hours?

    Subway Surfers Visuals & Controls

    It is pretty awesome to grab gold coins, power-ups, and other items along the way while successfully dodging collisions with trains and other objects. When you jump over oncoming trains, you should be careful. It is hard not to make your role crash into obstacles, especially for a green hand. At this time a hoverboard is going to come in handy which helps you avoid crashing into especially moving subways, walls and other barriers. Nevertheless, there is a 30-s time limit per item. Look ahead and plan your route before your next movement otherwise you may be hit by a subway moving towards you. Be more concentrated on your screen as speed increases. Once you get caught by the police behind you or get hit by a train coming towards you, you will have to start all over again unless you have keys to exchange for your HP or you choose to watch an ad to get an extra life.

    What's the appeal?

    Its HD-optimized graphics & intense background sound attract millions of players from all over the world to play it over and over again just for a higher point. A large number of game players praise its colorful graphics and stunning sound effects but criticize its monotonous game world design and unresponsive controls. Indeed, it would be a little frustrating that your swipe is not working. Additionally, unchanged game scenes also bring a major decline in the number of players. In conclusion, Subway Surfers is a challenging but thrilling game. If someone wants to get a high score in the game, he has to be patient and not be afraid of failure.


    Subway Surfers

    Developer: Kiloo, SYBO Games

    Publisher: Kiloo Games

    Platform: iOS, macOS, HarmonyOS, Android, Microsoft Windows, Windows 10 Mobile, Windows Phone 8, Kindle

    Category: Arcade, Casual, Online, Offline, Classic

    Mode: Single-player

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