Angry Birds 2 Review: Begin Your Journey with Angry Birds

Enjoy your adventure with angry birds.

By Jade Bayley


The Sequel to Angry Birds 1, Angry Birds 2 made a more excellent response since it was released in 2015. With more features added in, Angry Birds 2 has an advantage in advanced graphics, all-inclusive game settings, and more funny birds! Today, we will have a review of Angry Birds 2 in four parts to recall our precious memories.

Angry Birds 2 APK

Angry Birds 2

Play the Angry Birds game enjoyed by millions of players every day!

HypercasualSingle Player

HypercasualSingle Player

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    Characters and Customization

    Apart from the classic red bird icon called Silver that people are familiar with, many new birds with various expressions, colors, and figures have been created and added to the sequel.

    Speaking of customization, there are not many decorations for birds. Players can think of a name for their birds by tapping the red bird icon on the upper part of the screen.

    Black Pearls are also an important part of decoration which has seven levels, and they are Common, Uncommon, Rare, Magical, Exotic, Legendary, and Mighty. Of course, with more delicate and attractive hats, players need to pay for more black pearls.


    Actually, there are not many big changes in the main gameplay except for some advanced changes. First, in Angry Birds 2, players can change birds on the deck if they possess more than one bird, which is a good benefit to facing different circumstances. Besides regular campaign levels, several game modes include the Daily Quests, King Pig Panic, Tower of Fortune, the Arena, Mighty Eagle's Bootcamp & Clans, and other limited-time events. In the beginning, players obtain five lives for free. If you lose them all, you need to pay gems or watch an advertisement to get 1 life or wait 30 minutes. While in the Arena, the Bootcamp, or in clan events, players can play without life.

    In-app Purchases

    Angry Birds 2 is free to download and play, but it also provides in-app purchases in many aspects. Let's make a brief introduction.

    There are three parts to the Gems, and they are Shop, Daily Deals, and Bonus. If you have enough gems, you can buy countless lives when you lose five free lives and get rare treasures. In fact, in Angry Birds 2, players can obtain gems without paying.

    Tapping the icon in the pic, you can see two parts and they are Daily Quests and Feats. Within the Daily Quests, unlock them when you reach the level it asked.

    Some Cute and Interesting Points

    Angry Birds 2 is a cute game that can be seen from some tiny details. On the one hand, when you prepare to use a slingshot to launch birds, if you look carefully, you will notice a magnifying glass in the upper left corner where interesting and active expressions of your angry birds and terrified pigs. On the other hand, you do not have to log in when you start to play. But if you want to keep your progress, you can choose to connect to Google Play account or Facebook.


    All in all, compared to the first version, Angry Birds 2 made great progress in many aspects. It is still a top-ranking casual game that is worth having a try and sparing your time. What are you waiting for? Let's download Angry Birds 2 on APKmys to begin your game journey with these cute birds.


    - Greater Graphics

    - A ton of hats for birds

    - Not easy game difficulty makes the game more attractive


    - New lives need to be bought

    Angry Birds 2 APK

    Angry Birds 2

    Play the Angry Birds game enjoyed by millions of players every day!

    HypercasualSingle Player

    HypercasualSingle Player

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