About Project DW

Nexon has announced the development of Project DW, an open-world action RPG based on the Dungeon & Fighter intellectual property.
Project DW is planned for release on consoles, PCs, and mobile platforms worldwide.
At the moment, only the codename is known about Project DW. It has no formal title or assets to show, either.
 Nexon did say that it’s going to be an open-world action-RPG. It’ll support cross-play over its various platforms too.
Dungeon & Fighter is a PC action RPG featuring dynamic action play. Since its initial launch in August 2005, the Dungeon & Fighter franchise has registered more than 850 million players worldwide. In Korea, Dungeon & Fighter Mobile was released in March 2022, and continues to be extremely popular with players. Multiple other new games are now in development on the Dungeon & Fighter intellectual property, including Project OVERKILL and Project AK.

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Project DW News
Project DW posterProject DW screenshot 1Project DW screenshot 2Project DW screenshot 3Project DW screenshot 4Project DW screenshot 5
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