Chimeraland Greek Mythology - Chimera's Descent Event Launched on July 22

Travelers who challenge the ancient beast of Greek mythology and participate in Athena-themed events will acquire rewards like equipment, Home decor, and many more!

By Rebecca Whatmore


The free-to-play open-world sandbox MMORPG Chimeraland will be released globally on July 15, 2022 for mobile and PC devices. In ancient Greek mythology, a Chimera was a beast made from various parts of animals. This game features oriental mythology with a seamless three-dimensional spherical map to provide players with immersive gameplay experience in a massive world. Let's take an overview at its official gameplay video.

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    Players will play as travelers in Chimeraland who will encounter all sorts of ancient beasts through the journey. What's more, players can use the innovative evolve and devour mechanic to create limitless combinations of creatures.

    Chimeraland will launch a brand-new Greek-themed event on July 22. Players can join in the limited-time in-game events to obtain multiple rewards including equipment, Home decor and many others in Greek style.

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    ChimeraLand is an open-world survival RPG game in a mythical world.

    Role PlayingAction Role Playing

    Role PlayingAction Role Playing

    Event Period

    2022.07.22 - 2022.08.03

    Event Details

    • Chimera Challenge

    Players can fight against the beast Chimera in Chimera match event to earn rewards including 400 points and other random gifts including equipment and maps every day.

    • Trial of Athena Themed Event

    Players can get rewarded with 40 points for each quiz in the Athena Statue located in the main city of the three factions. And then spend the points to obtain rewards including equipment and Home decor, etc.

    • Daily Activity Bonus

    Complete daily activities to claim gift packs with extra event points.

    • Aurogon's Hoard

    Tap the Aurogon's Hoard page on the Perks screen to enter the event. Players may obtain rare Myths of Ancient Greece themed suits and materials by digging for treasure.

    • 14 Days Sign-in Gift for new travelers

    New players can log in to the game every day to receive a variety of sign-in gifts including dinosaur eggs, equipment, Mirage Soldiers, and development resources.

    What are you waiting for? Pre-register Chimeraland to get the above rewards ahead of time now on APKmys.

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