About Metal Slug: Awakening

Metal Slug: Awakening is a newly developed side-scrolling action shooting mobile game authorized by SNK. The classic level is re-enacted, and the original arcade masterpiece is restored! Ultra-high-quality upgrades, the ultimate presentation of the new picture; massive weapons, ever-changing battlefields, and fancy vehicles bring an unprecedented customs clearance experience. Mission Start! Right here in Metal Slug: Awakening!

Metal Slug Awakening, formerly known as Metal Slug: Code J, is a run and gun title based on the Metal Slug titles of old that released in Japan in 2021. The Metal Slug franchise is one of the most memorable for gaming fans. From arcades to early consoles, Metal Slug made its name for being fun and engaging. In Metal Slug, players, as soldiers, engage in warfare using a variety of weapons and upgrades.

Official Pre-Register Page: /metal-slug-awakening/com.vng.sea.metalslug

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Metal Slug: Awakening posterMetal Slug: Awakening screenshot 1Metal Slug: Awakening screenshot 2Metal Slug: Awakening screenshot 3Metal Slug: Awakening screenshot 4
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